Identification numbers

(Identifikationsnummern am Roadster)


The Commission No.

based on a plate right side inside the engine compartment.

Brass on the 1800, Alloy on the 2000

1946    TRD0001 - TRD0442
1947    TRD0443 - TRD1538
1948    TRD1539 - TRD2500
1948    TRA0001 - TRA0505
1949    TRA0506 - TRA2000

       "L" = left hand drive ( only 2000 )




On the left tube of the frame near the jack

maybe only on my chassis

added in 1980 on my car ( suddenly MOT expert need this, but the german law says that it is not necessary for cars build before 1st october 1969 )

The Chassis No.

six digits near the tool box

The dickey seat window No.

three digits inside the frame, right and left side down


The cooler

The Radiator Grill


The Distributor

( example from TRA777L )

The Speedometer

first number is:

1350 for Triumph Roadster 1800

1400 for Triumph Roadster 2000

1450 for Triumph Saloon